Hi, I am Darren.

I am a developer and designer from the United Kingdom. I graduated from Staffordshire University in 2014.

I have a passion for developing user friendly and attractive applications, for a variety of devices/systems. Along with a ever growing nature to learn new technologies.

I am always keen to meet like minded people so, feel free to get in touch with me.


People's Choice Award winning project from SpaceApps London, held on the 11th - 12th March 2015 at Inmarsat HQ.

ComeFlyWithMe combined ESRI maps, with real time flight data from Flight Aware. We produced an algorithm that converts ground speed and direction and translated this to the visible map.

We used open weather data to procedural generate cloud coverage and light levels, to create an immersive experience.



Brings a simple yet effective, guide to the general election. By locating your local candidates and evaluating their online presence and producing an impact score for areas you maybe interested in.

During the 2 day event BrumHack. Two developers and two business students created edulect. The project was awarded the 'Best Use of Bloomberg API' and was highly commended by other sponsors.

After the event we were asked to release the app to the public, we undertook ironing out any problems, the project was released on the 5th of March. It has drawn the attention of Universities, television presenters and news reporters along with the large amount users.



CO:Lab is a web application that aims to bring a solution to distributed development, bringing real time collaboration methods into a IDE. The application includes; planning tools, methods of communication and real time code editing with others over websockets.

This was developed as part of my final year project.

DesignDevelopmentNode.jsMongoDBExpress.jsSocket.IOIllustratorOperational TransformationDifferential Synchronisation


A Java library for internet relay based on (RFC 1459) internet relay chat client protocol. The framework is designed on providing the developer with an event driven set of tools in aiding in the development of any IRC based application or script.

The application is a JavaFX application intended to show the use of the library, as well as test area for the many features.

DesignDevelopmentJavaJavaFXIRCRFC 1459APIEvent Oriented Programming

Registration System

Staffordshire Student Registation System was developed as an assignment during a Group Case Study Module. I took quickly took the role as the lead developer.

The artefact was developed using PHP, HTML and Javascript. The project used iFrames to simulate the feeling of a one page application, this was chosen due to the restraints of the module requirements and the group wanting to push the boundaries of the limitations.